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Annular Bearing Engineers Committee classes or grades of ball bearing precision.
American Bearing Manufacturers Association.
Anti-Friction Bearing Manufactures Association.
"All Purpose" Bearing, used primarily in railroad journals and heavy industrial applications.
Adapter Assembly
Assembly consisting of adapter sleeve, locknut and lockwasher.
Adapter Sleeve
Axially slotted sleeve with cylindrical bore, tapered outside surface and male screw thread at small end used with locknut and lockwashers for mounting of bearing with tapered bore on cylindrical outside surface of shaft. Also called pull-type sleeve.
Angular Contact Ball Bearing
Ball bearing whose internal clearance and race location result in predetermined angle of contact. Usually of counterbore construction.
Assembly Code (Assy)
Identifies the level of precision to which bearings are manufactured to meet application requirements. Assembly Codes are 5-digit numbers and begin with a "9".
Axial Internal Clearance
In ball or roller bearing assembly, total maximum possible movement parallel to bearing axis of inner ring in relation to outer ring. Also called bearing end play.
Axial Load
Load acting in direction parallel with bearing axis.