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Roller Bearing Engineers Committee.
Class or degree of precision of anti-friction roller bearings.
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RSC is an acronym for Regional Service Center. Timken RSC's in the U.S. are located in Crossville, TN; Reno, NV; and Spartanburg, SC.
Radial Internal Clearance
In ball or roller bearing assembly, total maximum possible movement perpendicular to bearing axis of inner ring in relation to outer ring. Also called radial play or diametrical clearance.
Radial Load
Load acting in direction perpendicular with bearing axis.
Rating Life
L10 of group apparently identical bearings is life in millions of revolutions that 90% of group will complete or exceed.
Patented sealant that fills nicks and scratches in a poorly finished bore
Redi-Seal® service
Made-to-order, custom-fit seals in 24 hours
Redi-SleeveTM technology
Steel wear sleeves that provide the option to repair damaged, grooved or worn shafts, offering a fast repair solution
Relieved End Roller
Roller with slight modification of diameter at ends of outside surface to reduce stress concentration at contacts between rollers and raceways.
Bearing assemblies associated with rolling mill applications.
Runout, of Assembled Bearing
Displacement of surface of bearing relative to fixed point when one raceway is rotated with respect to other raceway.